Mid-Autumn Festival


Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with a selection of hand-crafted mooncakes by Mei Ume Head Chef Tony Truong.

Available for collection until 26th August – 13th September 2019.

For orders, please contact 
diningreservations.tri@fourseasons.com / +44(0)203 297 3799 

传统 月 饼 Traditional mooncake: SOLD OUT
红豆沙松子 馅 Red bean paste and pine nut
单 黄白 莲 蓉 White lotus with salted egg
香草奶黄 馅 Custard and vanilla
传统月 饼 抺茶 Matcha

冰皮月饼 Snow skin mooncake: SOLD OUT
冰皮 红 豆 Snow skin red bean paste and pine nut
冰皮白 莲 蓉 Snow skin white lotus
冰皮奶黃 Snow skin custard
冰皮 抺 茶 Snow skin matcha

Please note that the mooncakes are sold in boxes of 6 and can be purchased by contacting our team via phone +44(0)203 297 3799, email diningreservations.tri@fourseasons.com.