Dragon Boat Festival

Sticky Rice Dumpling

Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival, Head Chef Tony Truong presents an exquisite sticky rice dumpling perfect for gifting to Chinese families and business partners.

Priced at GBP10.88 per piece, the savoury sticky rice dumpling are handcrafted according to traditions featuring braised pork belly, dried scallop and Chinese mushroom.

Sticky Rice Dumplings are available until Friday, June 3.

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^Please contact diningreservations.tri@fourseasons.com to confirm the collection date and time.
^Collection can only be arranged during Mei Ume’s operating hours.

Origin of Dragon Boat Festival

Celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month in Chinese Lunar Calendar, the festival include boat racing and eating sticky rice dumplings. The festival is dedicated to commemorate Chinese Poet Qu Yuan from the state of Chu in ancient China.

Festive Hours

Mei Ume will be operating on a special schedule throughout the festive holidays, please click here to browse our latest opening hours and book your next experience with us.