Chinese New Year

Celebrate Year of the Tiger at Mei Ume

This January Mei Ume will welcome the Year of the Tiger with specially crafted  menus from Head Chef Tony Truong.

Celebrate Reunion with Traditions

Available from 31 January until 11th February, the menus will showcase traditional and auspicious dishes eaten at the ‘reunion dinner’ on Chinese New Year.

The tasting menu will start with Lo Hei, a Teochew style raw fish salad. This tangy dish – named the ‘Prosperity Toss Salad’ – is traditionally eaten whilst standing and tossed with chopsticks, with the higher the toss indicating the better luck that person will have in the New Year.

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New Year Delicacies

Those opting for the a la carte menu will also be able to tuck into dishes of Hot Stone Wagyu Beef, Honey Glazed Barbecued Pork and Braised Crab Roe and Crab Meat.

Discover our time-limited a la carte menu by clicking here.